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Card N.5

5. Nature obstacle course

  • From 1 hour to 2 hours
  • Young people 13-18
  • Urban Spaces
  • Walking/Running

Set up an obstacle course in an urban park or a more natural location as a forest, using natural elements. Include several options in the path: crawl under fallen logs, climb rocks, jump through small streams, navigate through bushes. The finish line could be a jump inside a large pile of fallen leaves. This classic outdoor activity stimulates the sense of space, orienteering, balance and at the same time the connection with nature in a fun way. If the activity is carried out in a group (team) can develop a sense of responsibility for the safety of the rest of the team, mutual help, collaboration, empathic communication and a sense of unity between individuals who are facing together adventurous challenges.

Activities to develop


This kind of activity helps groups grow in unity, improving communication, trust, and problem solving skills. This game challenges participant as an individual and as a group. Include in your activity an open debate on: awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses strengths and weaknesses of the group your own style of communication the ability to listen within the group how to use your potential in different life contexts how to improve your
  • Weaknesses and those of the group
  • Strenghts and weaknesses analysis
  • Improvements area

Activities to develop


The activity strengthens the respect and protect the forest ecosystem; it reduces human impacts and wastes in nature. Include in your activity, proposals such as: Collecting and sorting waste to protect the environment Assessing in a simple way the human impacts on the place (for example: foam in a water river, dry soils, effects of acid rains on the leaves, toilet paper, cigarette butts, etc.)
  • Collecting waste
  • Assessing the human impacts on nature and debate

Activities to develop


The activity is an exciting way of experiencing nature, rediscovering all the urban green space as well as parks and forest and venturing into the vegetation and explore human connection with rocks, trees, plants, soil. These kind of experiences in nature increase the quality of our relationship with nature with positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing.
  • Stimulating mental health and wellbeing

Video: The Benefits of Proper Waste Disposal

The importance of proper hazardous waste disposal process cannot be overemphasized. Not only is it essential for citizens but also for business owners.

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