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Card N.8

8. Plogging

  • From 1 hour to 2 hours
  • Young people 13-18
  • Urban Spaces
  • Walking/Running

Plogging is a physical activity that entails jogging with a small variation, that is, taking very quick breaks to bend down, collect garbage that is on the ground and then continue running.The best location is the urban spaces, parks and gardens. The goal of plogging is to stay in shape and keep parks and cities clean, regardless of your running pace. and gardens. The goal of plogging is to stay in shape and keep parks and cities clean, regardless of your running pace. The simple rules are not collecting dangerous materials (pieces of glass and iron) or bulky items but notify the relevant authorities to remove it. The positive impact of plogging is not limited to sustainability. The sport benefits both body and mind. It reduces insomnia, relieves stress and stimulates the release of endorphins. Spending a few moments helping the environment, perhaps in company, helps boost self-esteem and self-confidence, both physically and mentally.

Activities to develop


At the end of the Plogging activity it is possible to plan a playful game with a scope of environmental education. The “RESCORE” Game can be proposed in case of strengthening inclusion among participants and increasing a sense of responsibility towards environment (recycling). Before the start of the game a short introduction about proper recycling should be given. The 2 teams will line up in front of each other. One team member from each team will be blindfolded. Trash will be placed in the middle and trash bins next to the teams. The blindfolded will be guided by his teammates to go and take one piece of trash and then come back to put it in the right bin. Winners are who collect more items by the end of the game and recycle it properly. This activity aims to promote
  • Teamworking
  • Trust
  • Effective communication

Video: Plogging - how fitness can save the climate!

Plogging is exercise and caring for the environment all in one.

Video: Why Are Runners Plogging? Get Fit & Save the Planet!

Take your training to the next level and join our amazing run community.

Activities to develop


All activities starting with Plogging and final Game “RESCORE” have a strong impact on youths, increasing awareness about the importance of proper waste management and practicing recycling in a playful manners. It’s a simple and immediate way to empower youth and put everyone’s environmental awareness into practice by working on essential civic skills such as spirit of initiative and inclusion.
  • Recycling
  • Youth empowerment

Video: What is Plogging

Co-Founders Michelle Parkes and Dermot Kavanagh explain what Plogging is all about, how it helps not only the environment but physical andmental wellbeing, pulls communities together, and appeals to people of all ages and fitness levels.

Activities to develop


Plogging, by picking up litter during runs, helps reduce pollution in the local communities. It is an activity that integrates the increasingly interconnected nature of health and sustainability. It's about understanding that our personal well-being is intimately connected with the health of our planet. Activity could help participants to develop closer relationships with nature in a spontaneous manner. Moreover facilitators must have great emphasis on promoting the link between effective waste management and environmental protection.
  • Health and nature protection interconnection

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