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Card N.10

10. Running

  • 2 hours
  • Young people 13-24
  • Urban Spaces
  • Walking/Running

Running in urban spaces for young people can assume different learning meanings. Treasure Hunt Running could be an adventurous exploration activity around the city and its green spaces, where participants have to visit all of the spaces (given as metaphorical hints) and finish the tasks in a limited time as a team. In addition to exploring the city’s landmarks, some of the primary objectives are to learn about environmental initiatives/works, inspire/educate others and to take care of the environment by collecting and disposing of litter and pollutants scattered throughout the city and its green spaces. The management of the experience includes: -A list of tasks and challenges that cover city history, culture, landmarks, and eco-awareness -the selction of participants into teams of suitable sizes. Teams should aim to complete as many tasks as possible within a set time frame. -Groups have to visit designated locations and complete specific tasks at each one. They follow the clues and instructions provided at each location.

Video: 10 Running Benefits

Running is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the pavement.

Activities to develop


Encourage teams to collect litter and recyclables they find along their route. Provide each team with a litter collection kit, (gloves, trash bags, and hand sanitizer for safety and hygiene) and clear guidelines on how to sort and dispose of the waste. In order to encourage the action of youths, teams could get extra points for the quantity of litter collected. Encourage participants to take note of the types and quantities of litter they collect. This information can be used to raise awareness about the impact of litter on the environment during this session. This activity develop active citizenship, teamwork, responsibility and environmental awareness, emphatising the importance of ecological stewardship. After the treasure hunt game, facilitate a discussion on the importance of environmental responsibility, teamwork, and the cultural insights gained during the activity.
  • Active citizenship
  • Teamworking

Activities to develop


After running and relaxing, a workshop can be chosen to propose to the participants. One option could be Unmasking Greenwashing: Navigating Sustainable Choices. Divide the participants into small groups. They should find at least five products labelled as 'green' or 'eco-friendly' and instruct the groups to discuss and identify which products are truly sustainable and which could be examples of greenwashing. Each group should present their findings to the larger group. Summarise the key takeaways from the workshop. Encourage participants to commit to avoiding greenwashed products and spreading awareness. Provide resources for further learning and research on sustainable consumption. Develop critical thinking skills and responsibility to support truly sustainable products and avoid those that make false or exaggerated claims about their environmental benefits.
  • New Green knowledge (ECO LABEL)

Activities to develop


Activity, including an active role of the participants in the first phase to run and clean urban space as well as workshop to enhance competencies on eco-label and the risks og Greenwashing could help participants to develop closer relationships with nature in a spontaneous manner. Moreover facilitators must have great emphasis on promoting discussion on different topics of environmental protection.

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