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🌟 Call for Youth Workers and Educators: Join the GREENTRACE Project! 🌱

19 Jan 2024

🌟 Call for Youth Workers and Educators: Join the GREENTRACE Project! 🌱

Are you a passionate youth worker, youth leader or educator eager to make a positive impact on the environment?

Are you ready to develop youth connection with nature and outdoor sports and encourage youth activism on sustainability?

Look no further!

We invite dedicated individuals like you to be part of the GREENTRACE project, which aims to create a lasting impact on the future by providing free continuous training – starting in March 2024 – to increase competencies in the field of outdoor, experiential and environmental education.

During this training, in non-formal and exploratory learning, you will learn how to design more engaging activities, using new methods to manage your groups of young people, combining sport, nature awareness and social skills.

Main topics of the training:

  1. TEAMBUILDING to increase cohesiveness among participants and develop LIFE SKILLS such as critical thinking, empathy, active listening and observation, problem-solving, and effective communication.
  2. ENVIRONMENTAL LITERACY to increase young people’s green awareness and connection with nature.
  3. DESIGN OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES to design new programs combining sports, environmental awareness, and personal and social skills.
  4. YOUTH SKILLS ASSESSMENT TOOLS to evaluate group and individual skills evolution.

We are seeking enthusiastic youth workers to contribute their skills and experience to this exciting initiative.


  • Age Criteria: Young people under 40 years old.
  • Experience: Ideally, candidates should have experience in volunteering or working with youth through physical recreational activities or on sustainable issues.
  • Educational Background: Preferably holding a degree or possessing equivalent experience in fields such as sport management or physical education, environmental/sustainability studies, psycho-pedagogy, or education.

Why Join? We aim to build a diverse and skilled group, a melting pot of expertise crucial for the development of GREENTRACE’s approaches. It’s a great chance for you to learn alongside fellow youth workers and educators. By participating, you will contribute to the success of the project by fostering innovation in sustainability education.

🌿 Apply now and be a driving force for change! 🌍

Apply by the 19th of February:

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