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GREENTRACE Meeting in Amsterdam

13 Apr 2024

GREENTRACE Meeting in Amsterdam

Friday, 5 April 2024, third meeting of the GREENTRACE project hosted by ANATTA Foundation, The Netherlands

As the GREENTRACE project reaches an important milestone with the start of the workshops for youth workers and educators, the partnership held its third transnational meeting in Amsterdam, hosted by the Anatta Foundation.

The meeting was an opportunity to share the training proposals to be organised by the partners in their countries, to exchange practices and to be inspired by each other’s experiences.

Based on the common methodology of the GREENTRACE project, the partners have adapted the duration and intensity of the workshops to the needs of their target groups, both students and professionals in the fields of sport, environment and education.

The aim of the training activity is to enhance the competences of youth workers and educators working with young people by filling their knowledge gaps through learning-by-doing and interactive activities. Therefore, all training courses are built around these thematic workshops:

  • Team building
  • Environmental literacy
  • Designing the educational programme
  • Youth skills assessment tools

Participants will learn how to design sustainable learning through outdoor physical activity to stimulate young people’s activism and willingness to change their behaviour towards more sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

More updates on the training activities coming soon, in the meantime… Stay sustainable!