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The Playful

You love being outdoors and you are the first to get involved when new activities are proposed. The disciplined approach of formal education particularly far from practical learning is not close to your nature. Theory, abstract concepts and too many discussions about global issues and their implications don’t really matter.

You love to talk about what’s real. You are attracted by healthy competition but you can also be collaborative and a good teammate. You enjoy outdoor teamwork and are able to bring liveliness and enthusiasm wherever you go.

Full of passion and energy, if you are not already you have a strong potential to become a natural leader. You often act before watching, changing your running behaviours rather than planning them first.

Pay more attention to people and the environment around you to avoid risky outdoor behaviours.


The Emotional

You are a complete and conscientious person to the core, in connection with nature thanks to your innate ability to balance hands, head and heart, you feel programmed to remedy the abuses of the world, large or small.

Regarding the environmental issue, you are often troubled by global imbalances and feel called to use your strengths, creativity, imagination and sensitivity to sensitize others to the problems of the world. On Global issues, you love deep conversations; emotional honesty and intuition are your strengths. You feel you have a mission to complete. One of the most rewarding aspects of life for you is the pursuit of this purpose and then, once identified, the commitment to pursue it.

You sometimes feel misunderstood or at odds with the world. Being anidealist do not always fit in with those around you. Remember that while you’re busy taking care of others and global problems, you need to take care of yourself once in a while.


The Activist

You’re a passionate idealist but also a deep and charismatic personality, which is why you are driven towards the desire for deep and engaging connections with both nature and other people. You are truly free, extroverted, generous and open-minded. To the sociable and casual personality, you also have a rich and vibrant inner life, with a healthy dose of imagination, creativity and curiosity. This leads you to take charge of issues related to the environment that surrounds you, because you believe that everything and everyone is connected in a global system that precludes general well-being if even a natural element is not in balance. You spend a lot of time exploring relationships, feelings, causes-effects of each action on the environment.

You think that acting in favour of nature is today an essential mission for all mankind.

Remember that we can bring our global contribution to the environmental cause but don’t overdo it with your introspective ability.


The Explorer

You are a person driven by curiosity and eager to try new things. Even if you need moments of solitude in nature to recharge your energy, you sincerely love living in a world full of people of all kinds, that’s why you prefer group outdoor experiences. You are thoughtful and perceptive towards environmental issues and can question and change your mind and behaviour if necessary. Being an explorer, you are also a creative feature that could sometimes lead you to collect elements of nature, reflecting on the different impacts of man on nature.

Your tendency is to know through action rather than through contemplation and empathy.

Sometimes you find yourself struggling against rigid boundaries and patterns preferring to move outside the lines if necessary.

Your strong point is the flexible and versatile approach to life and nature, as this factor rejects rigid schemes, remember to pay attention to the rules of safety in outdoor living.


The Scientist

You have a vital intellect. You cannot help but reflect on the mysteries of the universe. Even if you want to be alone to consult your thoughts, if you come into contact with someone who is up to your mental energy, you have a personality that turns on completely. This is why you love being in nature if it is an opportunity to satisfy your thirst for knowledge but also to exchange opinions on human impacts in climate change in a lively debate with other curious and inquiring persons. You’d rather find creative solutions to complex problems like climate change than put in place practical activities to make these ideas a reality every day. You can often get to think too much and activate less.

By harnessing your creativity and open-mindedness, you can reach your full potential in environmental issues, also in groups where you stimulate your ideas and others become active.


The Contemplative

You have a vibrant and passionate inner life. You share a sincere curiosity about the depths of nature and the cosmos. You are introspective to the core and extremely in tune with your thoughts and feelings, but you also want to understand the people and the environment around you. Your way of connecting with nature is preferably solitary or through a small group. You may contemplate a sunset for hours but you still have an empathic part that allows you to get in touch with the environment and people in a non-judgmental way but with a good level of active listening.

You often find yourself finding solutions to the environmental cause by exploring the inner part of things and evaluating your position in the world. Although this is a nice feature, sometimes it shows the tendency to dream in an ideal system and to fantasize rather than act.